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In the heart of the Old City, just in front of the legendary Zabala Square, stands the Alma Histórica Boutique Hotel. Housed in a 20th century period mansion, and with the utmost care and protection of the historic and traditional patrimony of the space, Alma Histórica is part of Uruguay’s history, inviting guests to live it together.

The hotel, located in one of the most romantic corners of Montevideo, perfectly balances modernity and tradition, constructing an identity based around the pillars of national culture. By way of homage, each one of the fifteen rooms have been thematically chosen to bear the name of various key figures, all founding fathers of the Uruguayan cultural landscape. Guests can stay in the 'Don Horacio' room, inspired by Quiroga's stories, or they can enjoy the 'Don Carlos' suite, created with Gardel, a famous River Plate tango artist, and his music in mind.

With a total of 15 rooms classified into 3 different categories, Alma Histórica is able to receive guests in the best possible way. From the silkiness of the sheets to the wide array of pillows and finishings that the hotel can provide, each small detail contributes to making it the ideal place to enjoy a few days of true comfort. Considering the effect of the surrounds on both the body and environment, Alma Históric also provides 100% vegetable based amenities.

Alma Histórica distinguishes itself through the comfort and style of the shared spaces, such as the library or terrace, ideal spots to relax and take in the wonderful view of the city.

Alongside personalised high levels of service, boutique hotels are renowned for having a high standard of interior design. This is why, at Alma Histórica, a truly personal identity has been created in every corner of the hotel, from the olfactory curation to the decorative objects carefully selected.

Taking into account that tourism in Uruguay is increasingly demanding and selective, Alma Histórica places great emphasis on satisfying guests with an unparalleled level of service whilst they enjoy the unique experience of staying in the first hotel to glorify the cultural origins of Montevideo.


Besides the homemade breakfast offered to guests, Alma Histórica features a coffee shop and lounge bar service, where you may enjoy a cup of coffee in English crockery with a sweet treat, or a fine Uruguayan wine.


Featuring a privileged view of Zabala Square, the terrace is a place to take in the fresh air and rest your mind. On offer is a jacuzzi, massage room and deck chairs to enjoy drinks and watch the city from above.

Since opening its doors in December 2014, Alma Histórica Boutique Hotel has been surprising tourists visiting Montevideo with a quality level of service in a refined and luxury atmosphere, where the cultural history of Uruguay is made real.


Alma Histórica Boutique Hotel  |  Solis 1431  |  Plaza Zabala  |  Montevideo  |  Uruguay

Telephone: +598 29147450  |  E-mail:

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Image Credits: Alma Histórica Boutique Hotel

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