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Awasi Patagonia is in a private reserve with impressive views of the Torres del Paine and Lake Sarmiento. A thick native forest of lenga and ñirre trees protects the chosen location from the strong Patagonian winds. The native fauna remains intact in these forests and plains, and herds of guanacos, ñandus, foxes, condors and the occasional puma can be spotted. Awasi Patagonia's strategic location allows you to enjoy the Torres del Paine National Park from the intimacy of the Awasi private reserve.

From the moment you arrive, Awasi places at your disposal a private excursion guide and a 4x4 vehicle so that you can feel free to explore the region at your own pace. This will allow you to linger contemplating a landscape, drive over kilometres of pure natural surroundings or let yourself be guided through the full majesty of Patagonia.


Inspired by the old Patagonian shelters and estate "outposts", Awasi Patagonia is comprised of just 14 villas on the reserve (one of which hosts two suites). Construction of the villas is based on the native woodlands, allowing the structures to seamlessly blend in with the natural surroundings. The 14 villas are located between 50 and 400 meters from the Main Lodge. Each villa enjoys great intimacy and the unsurpassed views of the forest, Lake Sarmiento and the Torres del Paine. While guests are free to walk and take bikes rides along trails, there is a small vehicle transportation system available between the villas and the common areas, which guests may request at their convenience. Further to this, each of the villas has a surface area of 80 square meters, with a living room, a chimney, and a hot tub; all designed to highlight the superb views from every angle.


The entire region is steeped in history and culture, which promotes the qualities of a truly experiential holiday. At the end of the 19th century, a British explorer called Florence Dixie arrived in Patagonia, attracted by the unexplored mysteries of that faraway corner of the world. On horseback, trips involved arduous days travelling through areas that had only been explored by the nomadic indigenous groups that lived in the area. Miss Dixie's travelogue brilliantly describes the views, the nature and the landscape of the territory that was to become one of South America's most attractive natural parks almost a century later: Torres del Paine.


Staying true to these memoirs, Awasi Patagonia is established in the private reserve on the same location where Florence Dixie camped and with the same majestic view of the Torres del Paine that captivated her over 140 years ago, where they continue with their mission to provide memorable travel experiences and to highlight, with detail, the culture and nature of one of South America's most attractive corners.

Amongst all of the wonders of the surrounds of Patagonia and indoors of Awasi Patagonia, guests should visit for the dedication of an entire team committed to catering to individual preferences, distinguished by the care given to each detail. As with Awasi Atacama, Awasi is the only hotel group in South America that offers a service that is 100% tailormade for each guest; focussing on making dreams come true for travellers who come to Patagonia attracted by its flora, fauna and landscapes, assigning a private guide and a 4x4 vehicle to adapt excursions to their preferences and interests. Prior to arriving at Awasi, personnel request that guests complete a short questionnaire so that they may learn guests preferences, special interests, physical conditions, food requirements, and in general anything that allows our team to arrange an unforgettable trip, especially designed for you.


Guests can go on walks from their villas and experience the different trails in the reserve intimately, spotting local flora and fauna. They may also arrange with their private guides different tours within and outside the park, and can choose from horseback riding, walking, bicycle riding or 4 x 4 vehicles. In terms of duration, excursions are divided into full-day outings (from 6 to 10 hrs.) with lunch included in any special place; or two half-day excursions (between 4 and 6 hrs.) returning to lunch at Awasi between both excursions. All guides are professionally trained in archaeology, history, flora, fauna and first aid, so you can enjoy these life experiences in a safe and pleasant way.  Guides are trained in Spanish, German, French and English. All vehicles are equipped with GPS and a communication system.


The restaurant, for the exclusive use of Awasi guests, offers a daily selection that highlights local gastronomy, adapted to your requirements, and provides the culinary excellence that has earned Awasi Relais & Chateaux membership. Federico Ziegler, a professional with 17 years of experience, is Awasi’s Executive Chef, who is responsible for the overall supervision of Awasi Atacama and Awasi Patagonia restaurants. Federico has been trained in various parts of the world, including renowned Relais & Chateaux restaurants in Europe (some of them Michelin starred restaurants), and South America. His unique and innovative creations always feature local products.


Awasi Patagonia (Private Reserve) is situated in the southernmost part of South America, in the middle of Chilean Patagonia and opposite the spectacular Torres del Paine, one of South America's most attractive destinations. To take in the region in all of its splendour, Awasi Patagonia provides a comprehensive and luxuriously befitting experience.

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