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El Otro Lado is a private retreat situated in an exceptional enclave of Portobelo Bay, mixing design, culture, nature and luxury in a unique manner in order to offer its guests authentic, exclusive and custom-made experiences.


Situated just over an hour from Panama City; and surrounded by the national park of Portobelo, El Otro Lado is the perfect place to relax and disconnect while contemplating the exuberant flora. With views of the sea, its four exclusive houses of eclectic tropical design integrate simple details with traditional handicraft of the Atlantic Coast.


The accommodations include the Forest House, Sea House, Sun House, Spirit House and Casa Grande. The Forest House is tucked between a soothing waterfall and the rainforest, with its views of the surrounding Portobelo Bay. The Sea House is Caribbean in style with flowing light contributing to the beauty and joy of the space; with stimulating nature together with the views over the rainforest and the sea bay from the terrace.


The Sun House, at the edge of the rainforest, with exceptional views of the bay from its two terraces, has exclusive privacy, with all the elements tailored  for maximum comfort. The house is decorated with a collection of Congo headgear with paintings by local artists of the Portobelo Workshop, as well as with evocative photographs of Sandra Eleta, one of Panama’s most recognized contemporary creators. The Spirit House, touching the sea, is divided into a living room and two individual suites, each with a bathroom and unique views of the sea bay from the terrace.


The Casa Grande of El Otro Lado is a good example of a private-residence hotel achieved with a mix of contemporary design and local influences. Its tropical colonial design, in combination with the tradition of multiple influences of native cultures, has created an atmosphere that evokes “essential luxury” in a unique destination. The elegant geometry of the building, with its ample terraces facing the rooms, are an ideal feature that highlights the extraordinary view of the bay of Portobelo.


With nearly 800 square meters, the residence is arranged over two floors. The ground floor includes a bar and outdoor dining area, as well as a centrally air-conditioned living room, which can be easily set-up for private or business meetings. The three suites, which are located on the second floor, each have their own identity and unique features, surrounded by spacious terraces with exceptional views of the jungle and the bay.

At El Otro Lado, fusion cuisine is a main feature; a delicious mix with the ultimate purpose of satisfying the preference of all palates, uniting the local food culture with European, American and oriental traditions. The Caribbean gastronomic fusion is the consequence of the presence of the great colonial powers, who had the tradition of mixing their own culinary customs with the rich variety of natural products the Caribbean could offer, and in this way, exploring new incredible tastes. The idea is to invite you to a journey through the textures and flavors of the different dishes. Professional gourmet reveals that the secret of the preparation lies in reaching a balance between color, quantity and quality.


Gazebo – El Otro’s restaurant, bar and lounge, is the heart of El Otro Lado. Enjoy a “Maracuya” passion fruit mojito while sharing histories from the past with your friends; stimulate your intellect with the wide selection from the library; taste the fresh fish daily or listen with nostalgia to a vibrant selection of music, specially elaborated for El Otro Lado by Radio Gladys Palmera.


Additional services at El Otro Lado include: A pristine swimming pool, access to the scenic beach, a game room for entertainment, complimentary Wi-Fi, various outdoor activities and tours, as well as all of the makings of a holiday destination.


A streak of truly unforgettable experiences, El Otro Lado will take you to a harmonious and dreamlike place which is equipped with all the comforts of modern life.

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El Otro Lado  |  Bahia de Portobelo  |  Portobelo  |  Panama

Telephone: +507 202-0111  |  E-mail:

Image Credits: El Otro Lado

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