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Hotel Emiliano São Paulo presents, in a unique way, its innovative concept of authentic Brazilian hospitality; offering a special and memorable experience to its guests. The hotel is located at the heart of the most modern and charming district in the city: Jardins, on Oscar Freire Street, also a symbol of São Paulo.


Emiliano is located just 2km away from the two major economic spots in the city. It is surrounded by the most important stores, art galleries, famous restaurants, cosy cafes and a huge amount of multinational corporation offices.


Nonetheless, what best defines Emiliano is its attention to detail. The common areas combine a minimalist decoration with pieces of a resolute form with renowned design and artwork, a bright and luminous lobby, with a Siron Franco artistic capsule, golden rope chairs created by famous Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana and armchairs Branco & Preto.


All of these pieces compose a contemporaneous atmosphere. There are other significant furnishings spread around the hotel, such as the leather couch FAU, Beto chairs and Mole armchairs by Sergio Rodrigues, among other pieces exclusively developed for Emiliano, which complement the atmosphere with elegance and comfort.


Whether considering the sophisticated gastronomy, the custom attendance or the exclusive courtesy selection, everything is thought out and developed with one goal: to elevate pleasure and welfare in order to ensure that each visitor feels well received, with maximum level of attention, comfort and refinement.


Emiliano was the first sophisticated small hotel to open in São Paulo. There are only three accommodations on each floor, providing an intimate and welcoming ambiance. The available suites include 1 Cubo suite, 1 Executive suite, 18 Emiliano suites, 9 Deluxe rooms and 27 Deluxe apartments.  Each of the apartments and suites has unique details in their decor, with special courtesies and services including high automation technology, workstations, unlimited high speed internet, 850 gram giant towels, English style bathtubs in wrought iron, 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and Hungarian goose feather pillows and Charles Eames chairs to mention a few.


The Emiliano experience provides some of the most sophisticated hospitality in Brazil. The key is in Brazilian charisma and personality, with its style and culture, which are put to best use. This genuine way of hosting is reflected in each aspect of the service provided and in the welcoming personality of the Emiliano staff. All employees are attentive to ensure maximum quality. The hotel counts on a staff of four employees per guest, one of the highest ratios in the hospitality market.

Each service or courtesy is chosen with care and kindness to personalize the guests’ stay and elevate their satisfaction. A qualified team of butlers is always at guest’s disposal to tend to any request. A host of courtesies available to guests includes: a bottle of red wine, seasonal fruits, fresh pastries, a range of pillows, local newspaper, exclusive Emiliano flip flops by Havaianas, Spa with sauna, jacuzzi and 15 minutes of complimentary quick massage, 24-hour services, room service, business center and fitness center with a porch, a privileged view of Jardins neighbourhood, airport and helipad transfer, along with airport transfer and other special and exclusive services, according to guests’ requests.


The Emiliano Restaurant presents an Italian cuisine with meticulous technique. The talented Chef Andrea Montella emphasizes and values the flavour of fresh ingredients. Emiliano’s cellar has over 296 wine labels, more than 80 champagne labels and various achieved prizes (2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012 Award of Excellence - Wine Spectator). A professional and highly qualified team in constant improvement guarantees that all is served in an impeccable and personalized manner surrounded by a sophisticated ambiance.


One of the best places to express Emiliano’s concept, the Lobby Bar, is simultaneously sophisticated and unpretentious. Its unique decor enhances the hotel’s hospitality with personality and harmony. A suspended orchid garden and golden ropes chairs, designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana Brothers, guarantee an intimate and cozy atmosphere.


The Emiliano spa is a special place with treatments that provide emotional, physical and mental well-being. A true urban refuge dedicated to health and welfare, with massage rooms, sauna and a 24-hour Fitness Center. Expert therapists offer a great range of massages, such as shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and aromatic massages, exfoliation and facial treatments by Sisley Paris.


The spa provides a welcoming ambiance with an intimate touch, specially made to relax the mind, recharge your energy, astral raise, decrease fatigue and stress of the big cities. The Emiliano Spa counts on an outer relaxing space with a deck, lounge chairs, a shower and two jacuzzis to promote inner peace and quietness. To complete the healthy and energizing experience, the Spa provides a special menu with light meals and organic juices.


Hotel Emiliano São Paulo provides a stylishly scintillating stay in this popular getaway destination; offering an exciting and luxe standpoint from which to experience the sites and culture of São Paulo.

Hotel Emiliano Logo


Hotel Emiliano São Paulo |  Rua Oscar Freire  |  384 - Jardim Paulista  |  São Paulo - SP, 01409-000  |  Brazil

Telephone: +55 11 3069 4369

Image Credits: Hotel Emiliano São Paulo

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