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COMO Uma Bhutan is proud to launch Bhutan’s first six-night helicopter adventure itinerary that will take guests deep into the Himalayan Kingdom.

The ‘Scenic Heli-Adventure’ journeys deep into the Kingdom’s heartland and explores three important but distinctly different valleys: The Laya Valley, otherwise known as Bhutan’s ‘hidden paradise,’ the tropical Punakha Valley with its magnificent dzongs and the emerald Valley of Paro, with rice paddies and ancient temples.

Guests will be able to experience two guided helicopter trips, allowing them to experience dramatic scenic flights over homesteads, farmland, pine forests and lush valleys and giving them access to hard-to-reach areas while avoiding lengthy single-track roads.

Throughout the itinerary guests will return each night to the luxury and comfort of COMO Uma Bhutan lodges, with four nights at COMO Uma Paro and two nights at COMO Uma Punakha.

After two nights at COMO Uma Paro, the first of two guided helicopter flights across Bhutan take guests to COMO’s second property, COMO Uma Punakha, flying over a spectacular scenic Laya village, a hidden paradise located between the two main valleys, and home to the Layap people.

Basing themselves from COMO Uma Punakha for the next two nights, guests will partake in a range of guided excursions – plus an optional white-water rafting trip- to take them deep into Bhutan’s mystical mountainous regions.

Another privately guided helicopter flight will take guests to hidden scenic vista covering breathtaking aerial views of alpine mountains, the clear views of The Himalayan ranges, Mount Jhomolhari peak, amazing Turquoise Lake, Yak-herding camp where they may see yaks, marmot and a rare species of blue sheep.

The helicopter will then return to COMO Uma Paro for a final two nights, where a complimentary body treatment or yoga session at COMO Shambhala Retreat will be offered as a great way to wind down at the end of the thrilling six-night adventure.

James Low, General Manager of COMO Uma Bhutan, states: “We are thrilled to be launching a six-night helicopter itinerary that allows our guests access to some of the Kingdom’s further flung wonders and to show travelers authentic Bhutanese life. We aspire to bolster tourism to Bhutan with remarkable trips on a grand scale.”

For the full itinerary please visit their website.

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