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Titilaka, is a modern all-inclusive experience lodge on a remote peninsula on the Peruvian shores of Lake Titicaca. Titilaka offers a luxurious refuge from which to explore the treasured natural, cultural and historical resources of this mystical region.


Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest navigable lake at 12,500 feet (3,810m) above sea level and covers some 3,200 square miles (8,300 square km), providing beautiful, immersive views with compliments of the Andes as a perfect backdrop. Visitors often compare the setting of Titicaca with the Scottish highlands or Patagonia. Titilaka is strategically located in a rural community south of Puno (the main city in the Peruvian shore of the lake), bordered by small hamlets of Quechua and Aymara cultures.


Surrounded by stunning scenery and pristine geography, Titilaka’s contemporary design and comfort integrates with the natural environment. The architectural concept of Titilaka is closely linked to a special place positioned starkly between water, mountains and sky. The hotel is not only a welcoming lodge full of contemporary comforts and caring services, but a place designed to integrate with the environment and pay homage, if you wish, to the cultures of Lake Titicaca.


Titilaka is also a special place with spectacular views which inspire each visitor to contemplate, explore and enjoy a sense of peaceful isolation and primeval beauty. At 12,500 feet above sea level, they are just that much closer to the sky.


The hotel is designed as an experience lodge or hub to facilitate exploration and maximize exposure to the lake, nature and local life style. All services and facilities were designed accordingly. One may delight in the 4 acres of grounds, 2 private beaches on a private peninsula, outdoor wrap-around terraces, an overwater deck and boardwalks, a landing dock, massage rooms and a boutique featuring an eclectic collection of merchandise.

To help you truly explore this wonderful region, the hotel provides 2 daily outings with a choice of 14 excursions in Peru and 2 excursions into Bolivia as well as interactive nature, social and conservation programs. A fully equipped excursion center with kayaks, bicycles and private vehicles for land transfers are available should you wish to explore privately; alternatively, there are organized excursions, as well as row boats to access nearby islands and reefs.


The three-story lodge offers 18 lake-view rooms facing Taquile and Amantani islands to the north; the Bolivian Cordillera Real to the east, along with Lake Titicaca which stretches to the east and west. At the northern tip of the peninsula is the dock, departure point for local and excursion boats.


With the environment in mind, Titilaka keeps a low carbon footprint. The hotel uses hydroelectric power, natural gas, sources local produce and employs mostly local workers. Interpreters are focused on promoting conservation practices, accentuating local traditions, customs and culture. The hotel actively participates with the local community in various developmental, educational, conservation and social projects. Opportunities to include oneself in these projects is available for guests.


Be it an energising breakfast, midday dining or evening indulgence after a full days activities, guests may treat themselves to local cuisine served by butlers offering local ingredients including lake trout, local produce and fusion Andean-contemporary dishes influenced by awarded Peruvian cuisine and Andean spices. Daily specials and a selection of a la carte options are available throughout the day, with a full breakfast from dawn until noon, lunch and appetisers from noon until 3pm and cocktails and dinner from 7pm. Depending on your preference, sundowners are served in the lounge, on the beach or throughout the scenic grounds.


Titicaca is a magical place ensconced in the scenic Andes, with silky blue lakes which are turned to gold by skipping sunsets. Titilaka fits seamlessly into this picturesque scene whilst luxuriously affording the finer things in life and providing the perfect place from which to experience all that the region has to offer.

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Titilaka  |  Centro Poblado Titilaca  |  Sector Huencalla S/N  |  Distrito de Platería  |

Puno  |  Peru

Telephone: +51 1 700 5111  |  E-mail:

Image Credits: Titilaka

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